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Your money is well spent in September 2021

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The donations we receive are 100% passed through to clients all over the world, needing support. We inherited some cases from IAA that need to be funded until they found a safe place. And a few new cases have applied for help. For the two families, we are supporting, we bought tickets and visas in September. For the other cases, we mainly pay rent and living costs until they are self-supporting. To give you an overview, we spent:

  • $ 1776 for Mumino for visa, flight tickets, living costs and housing; we want to support him until he gets a work permit
  • $ 593 for Asif for living costs and extra documents needed to get a visa
  • $ 580 for Ilham for living costs and study expenses, so he is not sent back to Afghanistan
  • $ 212 for Omar, who is hiding in Kabul, hoping he can get out of Afghanistan one day
  • $ 638 for Nicky and Marina, we rented them a house and some necessities to be able to live there
  • $ 772 for a new Yemenite client, that was sleeping in the streets, deprived of medication, to pay of his rent due, and insulin

We could only do this with the reserve we got from IAA, and the generous donations this month. Our monthly expenses on the current cases are about $ 2000 while we have only $ 450 on recurring donations monthly. So we have a lot of work to do in October to be able to keep supporting these people, and before we can take up new cases for funding.

You can help by sharing our social media posts and inviting friends and colleagues to join. If we work together we won’t have to let these people down. 

Thanks for your generous support

Maarten Freriks

Treasurer of the Secular Underground Network

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