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WorkingWednesday: Marina offers her services as Graphic Designer

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Every Wednesday is dedicated to work: messages about members of this community who are looking for (online) work to survive, volunteers who are committed to SUN or other projects and good initiatives that help outcasts to start an independent life. to build. If you have an idea, a story or a question, email

You can help Marina to get self-supporting if you have a design project she can work on. Her portfolio shows good taste and an eye for detail. If you have a design assignment for Marina, please email

Around Christmas 2020, Marina ended up on the street with her boyfriend Nicky, when family threw them out of the house. Their coming out as atheist did not go down well with the Christian relatives. SUN has supported them ever since and Marina is applying all over the world to find work. But the lockdown and the poor labor market in Indonesia do not help.

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