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A poem – Where is Allah?

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Where is Allah? – A poem by LoveHumanity

Shouldn’t we see god as a lovely person in the sky?
Maybe in our hearts?
Maybe in every single breath
Why should we see god in the bullets
In hanging ropes
And in stones getting thrown to the gay people
Is Allah hidden in fear?
No, he is hidden in death
Torture, pain and suffering
He is not a god
Not even a human
He is cruel dictator
In the minds of some brainless, heartless zombies
Willing to eat people alive
I don’t see any god there
I don’t see any love there
I saw pain in the eyes of people gotten hurt
Fallen down on the ground no one willing to help them
Children dying out of hunger
No one willing to save them
Yes I’m talking about Muslims
How hard is it to be a human for you??
I travel to your hearts
I see a dark desert full of homeless ghosts

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