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Weekly online meetings with Sun for LGBTQs

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This week the LGBTQ group from SUN wil start with weekly meetings online on Telegram. Every Friday night at 8:30 PM CET / 11pm Iranian time.

In our first Friday meeting on January 14th, we will be talking about depression. One of the most important and worldwide spread mental problems. We will be happy to know more about it from you, if you are an expert. And from your experience if you suffer from it.

Most of us, or maybe all of us may have experienced depression or are living with it right now
In SUN for LGBTQs, we want to connect people and support self-help for mental health, especially when it is related to LGBTQ community.
Would you like to join our community on telegram and join us in these weekly meetings?

To keep the community safe we ask you to register at our website via and join the group

After registering we will contact you and ask you some questions to make sure we can keep the group and chat pleasant for everyone.

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