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Will you be our next Social Media Manager?

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Volunteers for Social Media Manager 

The Opportunity

Create and manage SUN’s fundraising campaigns to drive supporter engagement and build good relationship with prospective donors. 


  • Managing the fundraising strategy and initiatives
  • Writing grants and fulfill necessary requirements to formally seek funding on behalf of SUN. 
  • Coordinate with the SUN communications/social media teams to market upcoming campaigns
  • Coming up with ingenious ways to increase memberships and donations for SUN funding needs. 
  • Creating a donor stewardship plan to retain donors

Required Competencies:

  • Planning and executing fundraising initiatives, campaigns, and events.
  • Some knowledge of the charity fundraising sector 
  • Ability to identify fundraising opportunities.
  • Strong creative (writing & editing), diplomatic, interpersonal, and presenting skills.


  • Coordinating with paid media, donated media, email marketing, cause/corporate partner campaigns
  • Marketing SUN campaigns and events through social media and engaging with various online communities
  • Strategize using social media for SUN brand awareness and drive traffic to SUN social media pages
  • Identify trending topics that may be opportunities or threats to SUN community

Required Competencies:

  • Experience with social media and content creation on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube 
  • Experience in integrating content across multiple social distribution channels. 
  • Strong creative (writing & editing), diplomatic, interpersonal, and presenting skills.
  • Innovative mindset with a desire to learn new ways to reach people.

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