Unattainable goals of Afghan girls

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I don’t know who destroyed my country, but I saw who paid the price.

How painful it is to count the days when schools start.

There is no urgency for protecting women rights in Afghanistan.

Why can’t we work like men, study, have our own wedding choices?

Why can’t we travel like men, and do not tremble that we will be harmed?

We girls have the right to choose the right to life the right to freedom.

We are the most disadvantaged girls of history.

Whose voices are stuck in our throats, we are the same girls who are disappointed and tired of life.

There is already a percentage of talented Afghan girls who are not allowed to show their talent because they have not been given the right.

Most of the girls could not reach the person they wanted to become.

They are in a bad mental state.

We Afghan girls need fresh breaths, We need to live comfortably.

For years, we, Afghan girls, have not slept peacefully like the girls of free countries.

We have been sleeping with tears in our eyes for years, and waking up tomorrow in the worst conditions.

We are in the worst situation and our spirit and mind have never been calm.

We Afghan girls can not even sleep peacefully in our dreams.

Our life passes, our dreams pass, but every goal is beautiful in it’s time.

Others are looking for life on another planet

Our country’s story is still the story of bread.

Afghanistan pain does not seem to be over.

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