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They need your help – with info, ideas, connections

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For some cases specifically, we ask for your input. SUN is not only supporting people financially but we connect people to help each other. Often a good idea, practical information, or a network can be lifesavers for people in need. Here is an overview of things we are looking for now.

Mumino arrived in an African country, whit his wife and two kids. We are looking for ways to get them a residence permit, but it is unsure if we will succeed without bribing everyone that has to fill in a form. Mumino has a truck driver’s license, and the UK, Canada, the US, New Zealand, and other countries are desperately looking for drivers. If you have any suggestions on how to apply for a work permit somewhere, that could give a family a fresh start.

Our Afghan atheists (2 young men and 1 family) are not affiliated with one of the allied forces or western countries, so the chance of being evacuated is nihil. There are two options left: a humanitarian visa somewhere, or fleeing to the very atheist-unfriendly Pakistan and try to get asylum from there. Our question: if you know anything about the humanitarian visa procedure in your country, and if some could apply, contact us.

Our new initiative is to start up an Online Social Enterprise where people that can not work a normal job where they are now, can do some online work. Often they are not allowed to register at or similar sites. And they can not receive the payments. Under our umbrella they can do work like: data entry, translation, graphic design, blogging, research, some web development, and you name it. We have a talented group of people ready to do some work. We only have to think of a name and a branding of our company. If you have any ideas about that, step forward. And if you or your company have some work to be done online, we will find you the right worker to do it, and you help an atheist in need.

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