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Everyone should be free to believe or not to believe. But in some families, some cultural groups, and some countries leaving your religion, or being an atheist can get you into deep trouble.  In fact there are 13 countries where being an atheist is punishable by death. Leaving islam is sometimes regarded as a license to kill, and the killer will be rewarded with a special place in heaven. Within orthodox christian and jewish circles, losing your faith can get you excluded from family and friends. Non-believers in many other countries face discrimination and harassment from both their families and the authorities.

The Secular Underground Network wants to be what the name suggests:

  • a Network of people supporting others in need, with knowledge, moral support, professional support and where necessary funding
  • Underground, because the people who are threatened, and many supporters in similar situations, need to stay anonymous for safety reasons. The blue check mark on their profile shows that they have been vetted by us, and their identity and story is genuine
  • Secular, because we don’t care what religion you were, or what you believe in. Our dream is a world where everyone can be safe regardless of beliefs and convictions.

What SUN is doing

Since the start of SUN in 2020 we gathered an enthusiastic team of volunteers around us, and have set up collaborations with multiple organisations around the world. Together with all of them we are able to offer: 

  • case assessment to determine how best SUN can help
  • information and advice on how to work towards a future in safety and freedom via study or work
  • moral and social support via this community site
  • referrals to other organisations with more specialized resources (like legal support or therapy)
  • and when needed, financial support for living costs or relocation, within our budget limits.

If you want to be part of this community, please join. If you need help yourself, please press the orange button below. And if you are in a generous mood, you are welcome to donate to one of our causes.

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