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The life of a human rights activist, Nangailay, is threatened by the Taliban forces.

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Life of Nangailay before Taliban took over

Nangailay is an Afghan activist and atheist. He has been campaigning for the education and rights of youth in Zabul province of Afghanistan for the past six years. During this period, he provided educational opportunities to hundreds of youth and solicited for support from the government to solve the problems of hundreds of youths.
Nangailay and I became friends by Facebook in 2017 and after a few visits we became close friends.
When I saw the efforts and activities of Nangailay for the youth of Zabul, I was optimistic about the future of the youth of Zabul.
He has worked for many years to provide educational opportunities and rights of the youth of Zabul province and he has always tried to ensure that the youth do not fall victim to religious extremism and dirty politics.

The Taliban forces continue to inflict torture in the lives of secularists in Afghanistan

He was accused of being an atheist and secularist by the mullahs and tribal elders who threatened to kill him several times.
Nangailay was also captured and beaten twice by the Taliban during the previous government. After the fall of Afghanistan, the Taliban abducted Nangailay from his house and physically abused him in a park called Azadi in Zabul. The Taliban’s plan was to torture Nangailay and then kill him but at that time a Taliban commander came to his aid and told him, “if you give me $2000, I will help you to get out from Zabul but if the Taliban recapture you, they will kill you and I can’t help you anymore.” He paid $2000 to the Taliban commander through his brother and fled from Zabul to Kabul.

Secularists and atheists call for support from all able bodies

When he arrived in Kabul, he informed me about this incident. A few days after the incident, Nangailay’s video was posted on social media, I told Nangailay not to talk about this video to anyone and should try to hide in a safe place.
Now Nangialay is hiding in a friend’s houses, but the question is how long will Nangialay hide from the Taliban?
If the Taliban commander had not taken money from Nangialay, would he be alive now?
If Nangailay is not helped to leave Afghanistan, as soon as possible, he will soon be discovered and brutally killed by the Taliban.
Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, it has been hell for atheists and secularists. We call upon able bodies, individuals, foreign countries and the united nations to come to our aid and save our lives.

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