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Terrorism and Islamic honor laws against Women in Iraq.

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I know that talking about what happens to Iraqi women every time doesn’t seem to end. There have been continuous reports of killings of women in Iraq and other Arab countries . These crimes are not investigated and bodies are buried in secrecy. It is referred as a great act for deterring other women from committing adultery.

Inside the Muslim community, they believe that women are not having equal cognitive abilities as men and can’t control their sexual instinct and emotions towards men .That’s why they must be under control and suppressed by all means  so that they can’t be the cause of the moral corruption in the society and moral perversion. Women are dying daily by the hands of men (i.e father, brother or a stranger) based on the suspicions that she has violated the Islamic and Bedouin laws. It is believed among Muslims that these Quranic verses and laws were set for saving women from adultery.

There are thousands of women in Iraq and inside the Arab countries screaming and crying, asking for help and saving from the Islamic laws. It has become impossible to ask a country whose official religion is Islam to put a law for protecting women from honor crimes or giving them their rights and freedom while this religion has ordered man to belittle, brutalize and jail her as means of protecting her from adultery. True honor it’s about protecting the physical and intellectual freedom of women and men. 

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