World Day Against Trafficking in Persons: Eradicating Modern Slavery and Restoring Dignity

3 mn read In a world that claims to value freedom and equality, the existence of human trafficking remains a harrowing reality, tainting the conscience of humanity. The World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, observed on July 30th each year, serves as a poignant reminder of the millions of individuals who endure exploitation and enslavement worldwide. This solemn […]

Help me before I get killed

3 mn read After the fall of Afghanistan, the Taliban announced a general amnesty in the media, but the reality is that the Taliban arrest, torture and kill dozens of their political and religious opponents every day. Facts like these are not published because they control the media internally.Those who have gone into hiding, the Taliban visit their […]

Einstein freed Carl’s mind, but the Taliban wants to end that

2 mn read   “Carl Sagan” is currently hiding in Peshawar, Pakistan. After the Taliban took over Afghanistan last summer, this freethinking, science-minded person knew that he could no longer stay in the country. “My primary goal is to leave Afghanistan. To leave the country with my family,” Sagan said in Urdu (his comments have been translated). “Whatever […]


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