Elijah the tortured LGBTQ activist-Episode 3

6 mn read As an LGBTQ activist in Uganda, Elijah has been tortured and sexually abused by the police, persecuted bij family members. His shop and house have been set on fire and he had to flee the country leaving his adorable children behind. He is in a Rwandan hospital now, where he can not leave if he doesn t pay the bills. Elijah wishes to embrace once again his two little children. He needs your help to get the medications he needs and safely return to his home.

Religion is not the enemy, extremism is

4 mn read Modern day Secularism Secularism is freedom of religion. In a free and democratic society, people are unrestricted from practicing their beliefs, whether religious or areligious. Provided, of course, you are not hurting anyone when practicing your beliefs.  That is why the First Amendment of the United States constitution says that “Congress shall make no law […]

Today, we remember Orlando but forget injustices around the world.

2 mn read When an islamist terrorist attacked a gay bar in USA, he killed many innocent people from the LGBTQ community. This remains one of the most horrific homophobic attacks in the history of America.   Even though thousands and thousands of LGBTQ members are getting shunned, harrassed, stoned, raped, executed and doomed to suicide and death, […]

Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of Iran calls homosexuality “western deprivation”

3 mn read Ali Khamenei who knows himself as the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the leader of the Islamic world spreads hate and homophobia in Iran as a normal Islamic preacher and leader. We all know how Islam views homosexuals and homosexuality. In Iran, the government does its best not to allow homosexuality […]

The story of Amir – fighting against diabetes, homophobia and Islamic radicalism in Yemen

3 mn read Deserted by his family, jobless and fighting against diabetes, Amir needs support to find a safe accommodation and to afford his medications Amir is from San’a’, the capital of Yemen, a country where radical Islamism is still deeply rooted. As a gay man, he was never accepted by his muslim family. He was secluded inside […]

Smiley faces

< 1 mn read “Crazy Smiley Face – Hyatt Regency Miami Window” by ChrisGoldNY  Islam doesn’t allow us to see eachother That’s fine I write my letter to moon and ask him to kiss you instead of me Come to the window, blow on it and paint a smiley face to me In response I paint a flower I […]


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