The life of a human rights activist, Nangailay, is threatened by the Taliban forces.

2 mn read Life of Nangailay before Taliban took over Nangailay is an Afghan activist and atheist. He has been campaigning for the education and rights of youth in Zabul province of Afghanistan for the past six years. During this period, he provided educational opportunities to hundreds of youth and solicited for support from the government to solve […]

To a non-Afghan girl!

3 mn read Good wishes from Afghanistan to your broken heart. I know you are sad and so your heart is broken. Even, your sweetheart is in love with someone else. for a girl it can be hard. I understand how it is too hard… But you know what? I have not yet felt the sweet pains of […]

Einstein freed Carl’s mind, but the Taliban wants to end that

2 mn read   “Carl Sagan” is currently hiding in Peshawar, Pakistan. After the Taliban took over Afghanistan last summer, this freethinking, science-minded person knew that he could no longer stay in the country. “My primary goal is to leave Afghanistan. To leave the country with my family,” Sagan said in Urdu (his comments have been translated). “Whatever […]

Nightmare of Afghan Atheists, LGBTQs and Human rights Activists

2 mn read The growth of Extremism under the Taliban regime A country like Afghanistan is often associated with Islamic extremist ideologies whose religious beliefs have led to the extermination, repression, and marginalization of other religious minorities, LGBTQs, and human-right activists. With the rise of the Islamic extremist group (Taliban) in Afghanistan, whose primitive thoughts and ideas are […]

Chinar, a secular activist in Afghanistan, faces death threats from religious groups.

2 mn read Chinar shares his story with SUN My name is Chinar (alias) and I am from Helmand province of Afghanistan. Helmand is one of Afghanistan’s war-torn provinces and a major hub for the Taliban, religious groups and mafia networks. Like many Afghan families, I have experienced and seen murder, war, and deadly attacks.Since I was a […]