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  • Exploring the Ethics of Proselytism: Balancing Faith and Respect

    3 mn read Balancing Faith and Respect Proselytism, the act of attempting to convert others to one’s beliefs, can be a deeply divisive and controversial practice. It is a fundamental aspect of many religious and ideological movements, but its ethical implications have long been a subject of debate. This article aims to explore the ethics…

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  • Understanding Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: Exploring Diverse Perspectives.

    3 mn read Understanding Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: Exploring Diverse Perspectives Gender identity and sexual orientation are deeply complex aspects of human identity. They shape how individuals perceive themselves and who they are attracted to, yet there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what determines these facets of our identity. This article…

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  • the progress

    The Progress

    2 mn read PROGRESS The human species is doing well for itself, about nine thousand years ago when humans invented agriculture, there were maybe one million humans on this blue planet then in the 1800s, we reached a billion in the late 1920s we passed the two billion mark and by 1960 we passed three…

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  • cross-christianity-religion-believe

    State atheism as a preferable model? The 21st century is the century of religion!

    2 mn read Welcome to the 21st century! The age of science, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, sustainability, space exploration, social media – and now guess what – yes, religion. Christianity: Approximately 2.3 billion adherents Islam: Approximately 1.9 billion adherents (while the world’s population is projected to grow 32% in the coming decades, the number of Muslims…

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  • pexels-nadejda-bostanova-10602790 (1)

    Voyagers of the Mind: Chronicles of Atheist Pioneers

    2 mn read As history unfurled, a courageous league of atheist thinkers bore the torch of enlightenment, championing reason and innovation in a world often overshadowed by the stifling darkness of religious dogma. This is their chronicle, a tribute to those pioneers who illuminated the path of progress, fostering freedom and knowledge against the repressive…

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  • 16193316

    Positive Imaginations

    2 mn read IMAGINATION If you had the power to choose the kind of world you would like to live in what kind of world would that be? You might want to pause for some seconds and open the floodgates of imagination, the details might be a little fuzzy and it may be almost impossible…

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