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  • Shadhin is under threat from jihadis in Bangladesh

    Leaving Bangladesh was the first hurdle for Shadhin, finding ways to stay safe elsewhere is the second.

    14 mn read “I get constant threats from the jihadis on the phone/social media. I’m hiding from them all these years. What if they get to know my location because those people whom we used to trust are even against us now. I’m sick of dealing with them already. I can’t take all these stresses anymore. It has been ongoing for five years now. I am living without freedom and peace and I need to leave this place as soon as possible.”

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  • Disowned by his family, Nahabwe Moses needs help to finish his training as a midwife

    3 mn read He’s worked very hard and is almost there to finish his education to become a midwife at the Kagando School of nursing. An exam is all that stands in the way between Nahabwe Moses from Uganda and his much-desired diploma. With this diploma, a whole new world will open for him as he can get […]

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  • Dolly is looking for (online) work

    Help Dolly, an LGBTQ-activist from Egypt, to build up a new life in eastern Europe

    4 mn read Dolly Sarkasmo (an alias for her own safety) is a lesbian Ex-Muslim from Egypt. She is an activist, working to secure a better future for LGBTQ people in the middle east. Recently she was able to flee to Georgia in eastern Europe where she awaits her asylum procedure. Now she needs our help to survive […]

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  • The contemporary motivations behind the continuing Hindu-Muslim conflict

    5 mn read India witnessed enormous bloodshed when it was partitioned in 1947 into two independent nations: Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority Pakistan.  The partition was along communal lines with millions of Muslims from India migrating to Pakistan and millions of Hindus from Pakistan coming to India. Undivided India had a 24% Muslim population which fell to 10% after […]

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  • Another song in support of the revolution in Iran (by Soroush Hichkas).

    3 mn read Soroush Hichkas is a brave rapper who has stood up for the people of Iran when the revolution began. He has been threatened by the regime. And as we all heard about Toomaj Salehi, the regime doesn’t really care about humanity and won’t allow any kind of criticism. I believe that these songs can teach […]

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  • Sign the petition to Free Hesham El Masry #FreeHesham

    An Atheist Youtuber arrested after a debate with an Imam

    2 mn read Hesham Fouad Ahmed (Hesham El Masry), is an Egyptian Atheist blogger. After a religious discourse with a Sheikh from Al-Azhar (Ahmed Karima) on YouTube, Ahmed Karima cursed Hesham and then withdrew from the discussion. Then the Sheikh took advantage of his connections to press the national security to apprehend Hesham and the owner of the […]

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