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Living as an atheist in Afghanistan Omar is constantly watching his back – Afghanistan

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June 2021 – Sometimes a YouTube rabbithole can free someone from what they come to find to be a serious delusion. This is what started the trouble for Omar. It took some time. At first he just questioned what he had always been taught to believe, but the more he did, the more is slowly dawned on him that he no longer believed in Islam. He felt he couldn’t speak out at first, but the idea that his sister was also a victim of bad ideas compelled him to share his concerns with her. Her indoctrination caused her to expose him to the rest of the family. Before his father or brothers could either beat him or kill him for what they perceived as righteous punishment for his perceived apostasy, he escaped. 

In our adoption program we connect sponsors to individual clients. For many of the individuals we helped to escape persecution, a long journey starts to get asylum or a resident permit. Not all the countries they flee to, give support to asylum seekers. In the meantime they face obstacles getting paid work and becoming self-supporting. Forming support groups around them to follow help them with some basic income and some moral support they get a fair chance to build up a new life. For as much as 5 USD or EURO per month you can support a client and connect to him or her personally to get regular updates.
Omar wants to leave Afghanistan with a degree

Omar is currently living in another city, alone and anonymous student in limbo. He has dreams of escaping his religiously oppressive country and finishing his education as soon as the pandemic permits, and has a true passion for championing Humanist and secular causes. Until then, he is humbly asking for temporary financial support from the community he has grown to love so much. 

With your help, we can give a fellow non-believer a life raft until he can find a free land where he can put down roots and blossom into the activist he longs to be. 

How SUN is helping Omar

While Omar is finishing his studies, he hopes to do a master in another country or find a job that gives him the opportunity to leave Afghanistan. While his parents rejected him, he can only live on borrowed money. Unless we help him out. He needs about $250 monthly for rent and living costs.

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