Message from Sirat – an Afghan Journalist, victim of a bomb attack in kabul

2 mn read The bang of the blast was deafening. But the comments of the Taliban soldier standing at my bed in the hospital twisted the knife in my wounds. “I wish they were all killed,” pointing to me and my colleagues when I was reeling in pain. Greetings everyone! Thank you to all my friends and all […]

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About Me

Abdul Saboor Sirat

Human Rights Activist

Abdul Saboor Sirat is a journalist, writer, civil society activist and lecturer of Pashto literature at Balkh University, He is the founder of Balkh Intellectual Association and Editor in chief of Balkh Ghag (Balkh Voice) Weekly. Throughout all of his activism in journalism, civil society and Balkh University, he has raised his voice for democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, violence against women and extremism.