Separation of religions from politics and Governments is the only solution for Peaceful life and humanity.

2 mn read It doesn’t matter if I am a secularist, atheist or theist. Nietzsche has an article called “the courage to live”. In that article, it is claimed that the brave are the people who remove God from their lives and live freely. But from my point of view, it is not necessary for God to be […]

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All wars are rooted in ignorance!

< 1 mn read The judge asks the killer of Anwar al-Sadat, why did you kill him?The killer replies: He was a secularist.The judge says: Do you know the meaning of secular?The killer says: No, I do not know! In the failed assassination of Najib Mahfouz (Nobel Prize-winning Egyptian author)The judge asks the terrorist: Why did you stab Najib?The […]

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Respect for the opinions of others

2 mn read What does it mean to respect the opinions of others? I want to have a little discussion about respecting the opinions of others. Should the opinions of others always be respected? It is common to say that “the opinions of others should be respected.” If respect means not turning disagreement into violence in action, then […]

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