Terrorism and Islamic honor laws against Women in Iraq.

2 mn read I know that talking about what happens to Iraqi women every time doesn’t seem to end. There have been continuous reports of killings of women in Iraq and other Arab countries . These crimes are not investigated and bodies are buried in secrecy. It is referred as a great act for deterring other women from […]

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Islamic strict traditions and their implications on Iraqi women.

2 mn read Reasons why most Iraqi women seek to emigrate from the harsh laws of Islam in Iraq. I currently live in Iraq in the midst of my puritanical Shia Muslim community. Whenever I stare out the window of my kitchen onto the streets, I see the stifled, enslaved women covered in all-black sashes. Since their childhood, […]

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The Silence of the Iraqi Media on Atrocities of the Islamic Honor Culture in Iraq.

2 mn read The negligence of the Iraqi media The Iraqi media has expressed sincere negligence on issues pertinence to the wellbeing of women under the Islamic rule. The media has been conscious about the local disturbances within the Iraqi region but have failed to reciprocate similar consciousness to the agony of women in this region. Women who […]

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