War on Literacy: Taliban torches down the great library in Panjshir Afghanistan.

2 mn read Reading the news headline, "Taliban burns the library of Panjshir with over 3000 books", set many hearts ablaze.

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How brave Iranian Rapper Toomaj Salehi showed the reality of life in iran??

3 mn read Be our voice, the regime wants to execute innocent humans   Art has always been a good way to show love, anger, hatred, emotions and even protest. Toomaj Salehi is a young brave Iranian rapper who stood up for his people. He was threatened to be executed by the regime the first time he got […]

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Another song in support of the revolution in Iran (by Soroush Hichkas).

3 mn read Soroush Hichkas is a brave rapper who has stood up for the people of Iran when the revolution began. He has been threatened by the regime. And as we all heard about Toomaj Salehi, the regime doesn’t really care about humanity and won’t allow any kind of criticism. I believe that these songs can teach […]

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Humanity in blood

< 1 mn read I painted the word “humanity” with my bloodI closed my eyes  not to see painsI screamed not to hear people cryingI saw bloody handsBloody ropesBloody bulletsWhere is humanity?Where am i? Share on FacebookTweetFollow us

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Shervin Hajipour’s song Baraye is the anthem of the #IranRevolution

2 mn read The Iranian regime is trying to silence the brave singer “Shervin Hajipour” so I decided to share his song which is such a nice song with you to stand by his side…Please share his song and be his voice… Lyrics in English For dancing in the street, for being afraid, for kissing time, for my […]

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