Gun rights: An overview of the moral argument of Pro-Gun advocates.

3 mn read Human evolution has created a primitive instinct in nature to procure any defensive mechanism. This is not just with humans. Plants and other animals alike developed over time a protective means to shield them from danger. When living organisms sense danger, they are either prone to act offensively or camouflage within their environment. Unlike other […]

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LGBT rights support and 3 other controversies which found Desmond Tutu

5 mn read Desmond Mpilo Tutu who passed on Sunday, Dec. 26, 2021, was born Oct. 7, 1931, in Klerksdorp, a town in South Africa’s Transvaal province. Born to a teaching father and domestic worker mum. The young Tutu had plans to become a doctor, partly thanks to a boyhood bout of tuberculosis. However, given the scarcity of cash, […]

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Humor is a Medicine for Arrogance and Supremacism

< 1 mn read Mr. Jalal Tagreeb was a Muslim apologist who insisted on defeating Secularists in debates and exposing that in a humiliating manner.   Besides his main plan to use the Internet and all its tools (e.g. social media, forums, etc.) to spray his victory if it had happened, he also prepared a collection of challenging and […]

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#KillTheBill – Campaigning against the hate bill endangering queer people in Ghana

2 mn read Few months ago, the LGBTQ+ headquarters in the capital city of Ghana was raided unlawfully by National Security personnel and demanded for its closure. Meanwhile, the LGBTQ community, prior to the raid had received death threats from some traditional chiefs and other anti-gay persons. The raid which should have drawn sympathy from the general public […]

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Save Aneeqa – 26 year old Pakistan girl accused of blasphemy

< 1 mn read Rights and freedoms of individuals have been continuously threatened by medieval religious dogmas in religious centered countries. Aneeqa Ateeq is a young girl who is falsly been convicted by a Pakistani male Hasnat on personal grounds. Hasnat lodged an FIR in 2020 that Aneeqa Ateeq shared a book and updated a status which he found […]

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