Al-Azhar vs reformations

< 1 mn read Submission is the moral code of the family. Submission is the moral code of Islamism! Remember the Submission part I written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and produced by Theo Van Gogh!!!. Al Azhar claimed a Fatwa back then to assassinate the director. Egyptian Muslims were mad and went crazy when Charli Hebdoo launched the “Prophet […]

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Taliban rules in the Islamic rules

2 mn read Afghanistan has Fallen We all know what happened in Afghanistan, the Taliban took over, people fled from their homes, the US froze millions of assets, while the Taliban claims to have a space for peace negotiation. What happens to all those people still trapped in there? Their fate remains uncertain. Human rights activists are trying to […]

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LGBT crackdown in Egypt

2 mn read Life of a Lesbian woman in Egypt – part 2 Every path is hard, every door has been closed in your face, people shut you down over and over, and you’ll never know when that will end. You will be rejected by your family, friends, and everyone that knew you when you come out of […]

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Kafira “Infidel”.

3 mn read Life of a Lesbian woman in Egypt – part 1 How does it feel when your parents support your decision? How does it feel when your family supports you to have your personal life, and respects you! What does it look like when your mom protects her daughter and support her right to love a […]

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