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    About Me

    Mohammad Amin Ranzoor

    The Humanist

    I was born in eastern Afghanistan, Studied Literature and then veterinary at Jalalabad, Nangarhar.

    Worked as managing positions in few non-governmental organisations such as UNDP, Aeroparcel, Exchanger, Azad etc...

    Also worked as a volunteer with several social and Non-Profit organisations as Integrity Watch of Afghanistan, Intellectual movement etc...

    In 2004 got the first training of Investigative Policeman at Paktia Police academy in Afghanistan till 2013, In 2015 founded local newspaper named National Tribune that issued free along the 2000 km border areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan, to create open mentality in Rural areas. In 2018 selected by the president of Afghanistan as Director for the office of the president Ashraf Ghani in eastern Zone, This Office was featured for Nomads. In 2020 Selected in a special Decree by the president of Afghanistan as for the Advisory in the Local governance to provinces continued till the End of Democracy in Afghanistan. I am now 38 years old and currently living in San Diego, California.

    I Raised my voice for Transparency, human rights, anti-religious trade, anti-extremism and general enlightenment.


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