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Jewish and non-Jewish Ukrainian refugees arrive to different treatment in Israel (audio)

< 1 mn read   Related posts: Muslim teacher’s removal for wearing hijab only a long line of bigotry against minorities in French Canada Ex-Jehovah’s files lawsuit against his former faith community #KillTheBill – Campaigning against the hate bill endangering queer people in Ghana Christian pastor shot dead in Pakistan(jihad against the unbelievers)

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“Amsterdam branch of Russian orthodox church breaks away over Ukraine”

< 1 mn read Amsterdam branch of Russian orthodox church breaks away over Ukraine Related posts: Ex-Jehovah’s files lawsuit against his former faith community The Taliban Group Suffocate Afghan Women’s Justice Voice Kurdish transgender woman commits suicide in Iran Religion is not the enemy, extremism is

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SUN is streamlining blog posts so you can express yourself more easily

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Are you looking for a platform to share your story?

7 mn read SUN opens it platform for bloggers, journalists, cartoonists, poets and other creatives The SUN community thrives thanks to the contributions of our members. Since we opened our platform 6 months ago, many like-minded people have found their way to the website. Nearly 500 people are now an active part of the community website and more than 2000 people receive a newsletter periodically. And our writers collective has posted more than 100 contributions. And to offer more people a platform and reach a larger audience, SUN is opening its doors wide. We have the ambition that the SUN website becomes a

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ToonesOnTuesday – a new item on our website

2 mn read Humor is a strong counter-force to dogmatism and absolutism. A sharp cartoon puts power into perspective and keeps our leaders sharp. This applies to political as well as religious leaders.We challenge everyone to share or add cartoons in the comments with the hashtag #ToonesOnTuesday We publish the best cartoons on our website every week.   Related posts: A Poem – Flower of Love A poem – In your eyes Brave teacher (in remembrance of #SamuelPaty) All wars are rooted in ignorance!

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