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Is Religion the source of our morality? Sheikh Yaboody throws himself under the bus while asserting religion is the source of morality.

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The Question Of Morality and Religion

Sheikh Yaboody(Apostate prophet-Ridvan Aydamir) visits Abdullah Sameer and Derek on their Livestream. In a satiric video, Sheikh Yaboody starts preaching Islam to two atheists; An ex-Muslim and an ex-Christian. He asks an irrelevant question, the question that we face every time we talk about our views on values. “Ok, now that you are an atheist, would you have sex with your mother?? Is it now permissible??”
The question makes me think if Islam is the only thing preventing Muslims from sleeping with their parents. Will they break badly if their religion was no more? It reminds me of a quote from physician Steven Weinberg who said, “with or without religion, there will be good people doing good and bad people doing bad. But for good people to do bad, that needs religion.” Pointing the fact that whether we can stay moral/good or start butchering each other doesn’t prove god in either way.

That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without one

When Derek asks him about the evidence, he says: “why always evidence evidence evidence? You should have Iman, you should have faith. No need for evidence.” It reminds me of another quote from Christopher Hitchens: “that which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.” He calls Abdullah Sameer, “Abdu-Shaytan” which means “slave of Shaytan” for leaving Islam and disbelief in his previous faith which is truly a kind of manipulation and overconfidence while facing non-Muslims. This overconfidence may cause mistakes in other people while that first get to know Islam. But that attitude has nothing on its back.
As soon as Derek asks when the bible has been corrupted and if there is any evidence for that. In his response, sheikh gets angry because he has no evidence for that and accepts the fact that no one knows when, where, which bible has been corrupted and who has done that?? Well, it is a clear myth and a way to manipulate Christians.
Video by friendly exmuslim(Abdullah Sameer):

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