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LGBT crackdown in Egypt

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Life of a Lesbian woman in Egypt – part 2

Every path is hard, every door has been closed in your face, people shut you down over and over, and you’ll never know when that will end. You will be rejected by your family, friends, and everyone that knew you when you come out of the closet. And when you start to resist, you will find everyone turning their back on you, every human being will target you and make you their enemy.

LGBT Movement shuts down before it started

That’s what homosexuals who come out, have to deal with every day and every moment in their lives, with no rest. They’re are constantly on the run since no law, court, brother, mother, father or friend will help them for belonging to the LGBTQIA community in Egypt. You’re always referred to as an outlaw. These are what put the LGBT+ community at their mercy, hiding and scared from what will happen next. 

Al Azhar & their Fatwas against Queers

The Arab Republic of Egypt is an Islamic country ruled by the military and Al Azhar. Every day Al Azhar claims a new Fatwa against the LGBT+ community and declares us as something disgraceful, unnatural, abnormal, and against human nature. Being gay, or part of the LGBT community in Egypt comes with numerous consequences. Most end up being tortured in prison and beaten to death. The rainbow flag is seen as a threat and a conspiracy of the West against Islam.

Homophobes Everywhere

When the Central bank of Egypt unveiled the rainbow-colored designs for 10 & 20 pounds currency notes, many Egyptians on social media were outraged. It’s not the first of its kind in Egypt, where so much anger has been directed towards gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, or a rainbow flag. This incites so much fear among members of the community.

LGBTQ+ laws in Egypt

Egyptian government has never helped the LGBT community or passed any law in our favor, instead, they passed a bill in 2017 that criminalized same-sex relations. After the queen boat incident, police officers and the Egyptian authorities launched many crackdown arrest campaigns against LGBT people and accused them falsely, rather than helping us. LGBTQ+ community continues to live in fear in their own country. They face a threat to their rights as citizens and their human dignity has been curtailed

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