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Letter of encouragement

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Hello to whoever reads this message.

As an exmuslim, freethinker and a human rights’ activist. There are things I would like to say to the world.

Some of the things that most people like me can not say.

Most exmuslims living in Muslim countries do not have the right to live to begin with, let alone sharing ideas and being free.

Muslim Zealots who are living in the western countries are trying to silence us and some western politicians and media are truely helping them.

I would like to ask never-Muslim atheists, exmuslims, lgbt people and every single freethinker who is reading this to stand up for human rights and our civilization who is getting threatened by Islam and Islamists everywhere in the world.

We(exmuslims) need your help in any way possible to firstly connect us to eachother, secondly help those who are in danger rescue, thirdly give us platform to speak and fight this horrible monster.

I would like to thank Zara Kay, Yasmin Muhammad, Maryam Namazie, Harris Sultan, Apostate Alaadin, Infidel Noodle, Nurieyeh Khan, Abdullah Sameer and every single exmuslim activist who is trying to save the world from islam.

Our org ( is always willing to accept your friendships.

Fight for your future, for your freedom. Stand up and fight.

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