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Kabul: The City of Horrors

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I want to write about the pain, suffering, despair and panic of Afghan women and girls over 103 days of the rule of the Taliban in Kabul city.

Women of my country are half of the population in Afghan society. During the last 20 years, with great efforts and a world of hope, they have tried to shine in social, cultural, literary and political fields. But unfortunately, it has been exactly 103 days since the Taliban came to power and deprived them of all their opportunities, rights, and made them all homeless.

Afghan women and girls have dedicated many years of their lives to education. They have dreamed to serve their families and people. But now the Taliban have disrupted education all over Afghanistan. I see every day the school and university girls who lost hope and are afraid of their dark future . With teary eyes and throats full of hatred they are totally disappointed and have been deprived of their most basic human right. Education. Today there is so much horror in my beautiful Kabul that it has stolen the soul from the body of everyone who lives here, especially women. I really miss my Kabul and its good times when men and women worked together towards a pleasant country and they did not have sorrow like today.

Nowadays the alleys of Kabul and throughout Afghanistan are witnessing mental and physical violence against women by the Taliban, which makes me heart bleed. Taliban vampires do not count women as human. Because of their violence women and girls can’t go outside. Whenever they go out of their houses, Taliban ask them about their clothing, where they are going, why they are they alone also. In some cases, members of this group check their cell phones and if they resist, they will be beaten. Women who speak out against this group are threatened with death and their voices are strangled.

In Kabul, there is so much terror that in broad daylight Taliban army kills young people and teenagers on the streets. But no one is questioned about these killings. I myself have witnessed these cases. I have cried so many times. I am still in shock. Due to the lack of freedom of expression and independent media, reliable news does not reach to ears of the world. It’s buried in our hearts. By seeing this violence against our people I always ask myself  “why has the world, the International Community, Human Rights Institutions remained silent in the face of all this oppression in our homeland?” Are we not part of this world? Aren’t we human? Has our two decades of hard work been so easily destroyed? Can we go to our work and continue our activities once again? What will really be the end? I can’t find any answer to these questions.

You have to be in Afghanistan to understand the pain and sorrow of our people. You have to be here to see what happens to our women, girls and children. Employed women and girls have lost their jobs and they work on the streets. Many families in Afghanistan today are selling their daughters because of poverty.

Taliban are the same group of 20 years ago who have no humanity. Our educated women and girls have become removed today and some of them had been killed by this group. In my country women become like prisoners. Their dreams, skills, right to education and, finally, the right to live have been taken away from them. I pray for women and girls of my country who are stuck in this crisis to get out of this situation and achieve their human rights. I call on the international community and kindly request them to not leave us alone in this critical situation.

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