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How western politicians are betraying humanity??

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Remember the attack on Salman Rushdie that happened several days/weeks ago?? The attack had three sides.

Three sides

First one was the violent Iranian Islamist regime that has been assassinating its critics and critics of Islam on its borders and outside.
And the second view was that western nations are allowing violent Muslims in their countries.
The third view is that, big platforms that are allowing the spread of violence within their range. (A must watch video: “why they still want to kill Salman Rushdie?”

Justifying the death penalty

About two years ago, Islamist dawah gandist “Ali Dawah” posted a video on YouTube justifying the death penalty for apostates/Murtads but YouTube didn’t even care about such violence.
Videos like and people like this will radicalize many Muslims easily and attacks on Salman Rushdie will be the result of their dangerous policies. (Ali Dawah lives in the UK.)
Allowing Taliban which we all consider as a terrorist regime and a very horrible toward humanity on Twitter is a crime against humanity which is truly unacceptable.
Another dawah gandist whose name is “Daniel Haqiqatchou” whose username is “Muslim skeptic” has been celebrating victory of Taliban since they took over Afghanistan and butchered so many people. But this time again, YouTube allowed these videos to be uploaded. (This man lives in USA)
Allowing a supporter of female genital mutilation in UK will bring so much damage to the Muslim women.
Video’s discussing this topic Here and Here

The story of Samuel Paty

The story of “Samuel Paty” hasn’t been forgotten and it shouldn’t ever be.
As ex-Muslims we should show the same stories to the world as a way to prove how dangerous and backwards this ideology is.
Christopher Hitchens used to warn the western people about the dangers of Islam and Islamists Here
So there are two sides’ of criminals in the attack on Salman Rushdie: first is that coward Muslim and the Islamic regime in Iran and on the other side is the government of US which allows these criminals into their lands. (Video by Christopher Hitchens (“islam can’t be reformed”) down below.

Zaniar Matapour

One of the most endangered communities in the world is the LGBT community.
Since the beginning of Muslim migration in the western world there has an uprising number of attacks on LGBT people and they have been getting horribly killed. (A recent attack on a gay couple in France)
Email by atheist republic:”On June 25th, two people were killed and 21 were injured by a lone gunman in a shooting incident at a gay nightclub in central Oslo, Norway. The authorities suspects the shooting to be an act of Islamist terrorism. A 43-year-old man, Zaniar Matapour, a Norwegian citizen of Iranian origin, has been arrested for the attacks and charged with murder, attempted murder, and acts of terrorism. Jonas Gahr Store, Prime Minister of Norway, called the cruel act of terror a “deeply shocking attack on innocent people.” Oslo district court declared Zaniar Matapour responsible for the murderous attack and is held in pre-trial detention for the next four weeks.
According to a report, Matapour suffers from mental illness and is a fundamentalist Islamist. The police found out that the suspect had previously partaken in extremist Islamic groups. They first became aware of the suspect in 2015 on suspicion of being a radical Islamist.

Final thoughts

In my opinion the only solution is to fight back against Islam more powerfully. We need Charlie Hebdo’s funny pictures of Muhammad to be published all over the western nations and Islam should be criticized on the media. Islam should be known as a dead inhumane religion/ideology.

-Jon Tyson

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