Help me before I get killed

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After the fall of Afghanistan, the Taliban announced a general amnesty in the media, but the reality is that the Taliban arrest, torture and kill dozens of their political and religious opponents every day. Facts like these are not published because they control the media internally.
Those who have gone into hiding, the Taliban visit their homes every day, harass their family members and try to get their address.
The same thing happens to my family every day.

When Kabul fell to the Taliban, I changed my old address and hid in a room. Moreover, while the Taliban have not yet been able to capture me, they tortured my family in order to get my my address. They have been telling my family that we have no problem with me, they will even not arrest me or kill me, They say they just want to ask him a few questions.
My family understand the fact that if they invite me home or gave my address to the Taliban, they will kill me after severe torture. Hence, they did not accept their demands.

The Taliban have been coming to my house every two or three days to ask my family where I am living, why am I not coming home. My family is fearful, so my family would say they don’t know where I am. When the Taliban failed to get my address from my family, they arrested my elder brother. They barred my family from seeing him. When my family would ask the Taliban the reason for my brother’s arrest, the Taliban would say that he had not complied with our demands and had disrespected us.

Then, my father received a call from a hospital and told him to come. They told him his son was admitted here. This happened approximately two weeks after my brother got imprisoned. We initially thought that they had killed my brother and the dead body is in the hospital. After the call, the whole family (brother, sisters, parents, and my brother’s wife and children) screamed and the situation got worse in the house. After my father reached hospital, he saw my brother was alive but he had been tortured a lot and his body had serious wounds. My family got sad when they his wounds and torture marks on his body, but were happy to see him alive. After sometime, he got out of hospital and received treatment at home.
My brother called me and told me that the Taliban had asked for my address but her refused to tell them. They gave me death threats and then tortured me in various ways. (As I speak, I cry and I hear my mother crying.)

My brother told me not to leave the room while his wounds were still fresh and he was talking harshly, because the Taliban would never let him live.
When I look at the condition of my brother and the whole family, even though I am suffering terribly, I am mentally tortured. I find myself angry that I am the cause of everything. I am not weak, I am struggling very hard in life. I went through difficult times and never gave up. If it weren’t for my mother and family I probably would have killed myself. I want to live and do more in life.
For the past three and a half months I have been living in a room where it is difficult to breathe, and my food is just water and biscuits and the air is very cold.

I need your help and assistance. If this situation continues for a little longer, I may die due to food shortages and freezing temperatures before falling in Taliban`s cruel hands.

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