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Help Dolly, an LGBTQ-activist from Egypt, to build up a new life in eastern Europe

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Dolly Sarkasmo (an alias for her own safety) is a lesbian Ex-Muslim from Egypt. She is an activist, working to secure a better future for LGBTQ people in the middle east. Recently she was able to flee to Georgia in eastern Europe where she awaits her asylum procedure. Now she needs our help to survive until she can get asylum and build up her new life.

In our adoption program we connect sponsors to individual clients. For many of the individuals we helped to escape persecution, a long journey starts to get asylum or a resident permit. Not all the countries they flee to, give support to asylum seekers. In the meantime they face obstacles getting paid work and becoming self-supporting. Forming support groups around them to follow help them with some basic income and some moral support they get a fair chance to build up a new life. For as much as 5 USD or EURO per month you can support a client and connect to him or her personally to get regular updates.

Life in Georgia is not easy for a lesbian ex-muslim

One of the first things she did after leaving Egypt is to pick up her role as an activist by reviving the Arab channel of Atheist Republic. Besides that she is fighting for herself to survive. Dolly had a few jobs, but was fired when they found out she is a lesbian. Without a job or financial support, she will not be able to await the asylum procedure and start a new life. She might even be forced to go back to Egypt.

Egyptian parents try to control a girls life completely

As a queer female she was raised in an abusive family. Some of the things she has experienced would destroy someone’s mental health forever: “My mom was so overprotective, controlling, and she treated me like her slave since I was 5 years old… I was forced to wear a hijab when I was 6. I was forced to go to the clinic with my mom to check my virginity when I was 8, 9, and 12 years old and another time when I had my first period.” But Dolly has always been outspoken. This blog she wrote on our platform when she was stil in Egypt.

From the moment she arrived in Georgia, she has tried to get a job and take care of herself. She found a few jobs and after they found out about her sexuality and her activism, she was fired again. She is confident that she will get there, but it can take some time. We can help her, by forming a group of sponsors around Dolly that can support her with a small amount per month. Until she finds a job, or work online, to provide for herself. So if you can spare 5 or 10 EURO/ USD a month, you can give this young woman a chance to start living. Finally.


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