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HELP atheist republic fight for its Facebook page

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Fighting from freedom of speech

Since a decade ago atheist republic has been building its platform on many applications like YouTube, Facebook(Meta), Instagram, discord and etc…
Since some months ago, they been receiving meaningless strikes for the rules/policies they have NOT violated.
Armin Navabi (founder of atheist republic) and Sussana (atheist republic CEO) have asked for help to find someone working within Facebook(Meta) to help them get over these strikes and once again fight for freedom of speech/religion and human rights.

Standing together

As Richard Dawkins had said in his book “God delusion” atheists in America are a large number but the thing that has made them powerless is that they are not organized.
Atheist republic has done a great job in organizing masses of atheists all around the globe and have done a splendid things to encourage people to come out and fight for their rights.
In these 10 years of since its establishment, Atheist republic has gone over more than 15 countries.
Their fight with Hindutva regime in India is really something big. Indian regime has tried to silence them over their mockery of Hindu gods and goddesses. But with all of them standing together they won’t have a chance.

A more in-depth video about the subject here


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