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Tell us, what kind of job are you looking for?

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    Many of us here at SUN can use some extra money to get around, or find a job to become self-supporting, and not being dependent anymore on the support of parents or friends. Tel us, what kind of job could you do, that matches your education and your skills? Should it be offline or online? In what country? The more specific you are, te better other community members can help you find it. The most specific reactions here will be shared via social media.


    Hello sir, thank you so very much for helping me to find job, I’m flying to Brazil in September 2021, and I really appreciate if you could help me to find job. I have done B. Com and previously I was doing Admin/Accountant job in a security company. I can also drive until 6 wheels vehicles and can do driving job as well. I can also do Air-conditioning and electrical work.
    My wife is a tailor and if possible please help her also to get tailoring job.
    Please help us to find job in Brazil as we’re going to Brazil in September.
    Thank you so much
    We very much appreciate your efforts and help.

    Marwa Ali

    Generally speaking, working offline or (online but with permanent clients) is better than freelancing online, as competing in oversaturated freelancing platforms forces freelancers to lower their prices which can be unfeasible for many people.

    However I understand how this can be the only option for many people especially humanists at risk or on the run (including me).

    Online freelancers in third world countries face many additional challenges such as:

    – Law wages for big projects which is time-consuming, and will result in their inability to save up to afford to improve their situation either inside or outside their country.
    – The shortage of basic requirements to work online, such as electricity, and internet, due to repeated power and internet offs.
    – Some humanist at-risk live in situations where their environment (accommodation/people around them) might not be suitable to work online, or learn new skills, and shifting from there if possible might increase the cost of living (shifting to a private place, a safer place, getting a power generator and buying fuel for it)
    – The ever-changing nature of freelancing project require the freelancer to keep learning new skills to adapt to each project which slaws him down and will result in him finishing fewer time-consuming projects for a cheaper price.
    In conclusion, I would say that working online but with more of a permanent contract is the most suitable option for humanists at risk or on the run.

    Personally, for the time being, I can provide:

    – Admiration and virtual assistant services in both Arabic and English ( such as social media account managing, data entry, social media posts design, research, copywriting….etc)
    – I can also provide audio and video transcription and subtitle services in both Arabic and English.
    – Arabic and English translation services.

    If I got any spare time soon I will also work on dusting off my graphic design/ 2D and 3D modelling and AutoCAD skills.

    Marwa Ali

    I can also work as an Ar. language tutor but I am worried power offs, and if I was not able to be available in time for the session.
    This can improve soon once I fix my power situation.

    Marwa Ali


    – administration and virtual assistant services

    sorry it was a typo, I guess that is not a very good mistake to make, while applying for jobs.

    Free thinker

    Thanks for providing platform on which we can can say which i can feel. After living in religious country we are very forced to hide of feelings and do whatever been ordered. So thanks for this online platform. As i have bachelors in IT so i can do both online or offline or in office. I am already doing work as IT analyst on very low pay. So i am willing to increase my funds to make me Independent. I am available for any challenging work assigned to me.


    Hello, my name is Dolly, I’m looking for an online job that helps me to use my skills, and be able to get a decent salary so I can pay for my living costs.

    My Education:
    I have a TESOL certificate
    Bachelor degree in Sociology

    My Experinces
    – I have working experience in sales and customer service.
    And volunteering experience as a graphic designer, social media manager, and illustrations, I can use Adobe Photoshop and illustrator.
    write content, in both English & Arabic, design social media posts using Adobe Spark or Canva.
    I’m fluent in English “Writing & Speaking”, and I’m a Native Arabic Speaker

    The Job that I’m Looking for;
    – I’m Looking for a job that I can use my skills, and use them to produce the best value of work. I’m a highly organized person, detail printed and self-motivated.
    I’m looking for a job that I can do remotely, WFH, and doesn’t require that I must be located in a specific location or country.

    – In my spare time, I’m learning video editing, and Data analysis to break data into numbers and stats and elaborate on social issues, I can use Google docs, spreadsheets, and Microsoft Office.

    You can check my art on Behance Profile
    My Facebook Page

    Maxamed Deeq

    Hello everybody, I hope you are well, my name is maxamed deeq, I am looking for an offline job which is related to my skill in Civil Engineering any were of the world to get my freedom after being self supporter, and I really appreciate who gave us this chance.

    Educational qualification

     Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Mogadishu university 2013-2018 in Somalia.
     Internship program training for six months from buruuj construction in 2018 with a certificate in Somalia.
     Master’s degree in Civil engineering from Cyprus International University 2019-2021 in North Cyprus.

    Key Skills:

     Excellent Mathematical skills
     Active listener
     Team player


     Somali- Mother Language
     English- Upper Intermediate Level

    Technical Skills (IT skills):

     Windows, MS Office (Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
     Auto CAD

    After I get the job I am looking for the works that I have capable to do include: Site Supervision, Surveying, and AutoCAD drawings.

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