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    Murtadd to Human


    I have just joined the group. I am an ex-Muslim only in the sense that I was formerly a Muslim, which, of course, provides me with certain experiences that might or might not be reflected in my outlook, and not in the sense that my thoughts and behaviour are circumscribed by group expectations. My having been a Muslim is secondary to my being a free individual. I reserve the right to disagree with my fellow ex-Muslims and even to criticise them, and I expect no less from them.

    My website is, which I set up specifically to help those who leave Islam appreciate that, momentous as that step is, and as fraught as it can be for most, “getting over” Islam is a long process. The way I see it, the point of leaving Islam is not to leave Islam. The point of leaving Islam is to recover one’s full humanity, and to become an autonomous individual.

    Unfortunately, the ruling orthodoxy in the West has contrived things so that the autonomous individual has practically ceased to exist. An entire generation of people can only conceive of themselves in terms of some or other “community” to the exclusion of themselves as individuals. So serious is this constriction that many can no longer grasp the concept of ‘universal’ in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and react with distinct discomfort to not finding this, that or the other micro-group mentioned there by name.

    Murtadd to Human is an attempt to counter such cultural decay by showing apostates from Islam that leaving Islam does not, in and of itself, make you free. Many leave Islam to immediately join some or other “community” and submit, once again, to a prescribed set of behaviours and views, and allow their thoughts and utterances to be policed by the gatekeepers of that community, a replication of their condition under Islam, only this time less severe. By saying this, I am by no means belittling the need for support and community upon leaving Islam. Such work is invaluable and saves lives. Leaving Islam only makes you no longer Muslim; that’s all. Freedom still remains to be built.

    Perhaps that is enough of an introduction. I hope for fruitful, even robust, interaction with others here.

    Thank you.

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