Gowshik is looking for ways to escape his abusive family

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“My name is Gowshik, a 22 year old atheist. I’m currently away from my home country. I came to this country to get a college degree but later realized it was too much for me. My home country isn’t the safest place to be especially with my orthodox Muslim family. They had already issued death threats. I have been told once I return they will never let me leave the house ever again. It is in my best interest and safest decision not to return home.

Life back home with my family has never been a happy ending. My relationship with my family has been very hostile. Owing to my vulnerability as the youngest, I could do less about the abuses my family subjected me to. I was diagnosed with C-PTSD by a psychotherapist from Netherlands. I still struggle with body image issues, self esteem, suicide, depression, anxiety, selective mutism, and a host of other mental health issues.

My safety over here is not fully assured since my family can still hunt me down with their contacts. I really wanted to die to be honest until coming in touch with SUN, I got a lot of hope in life. I have seen Netherlands and how caring and sweet the people there are, their culture and the way the system works there. One thing that calms me down when I’m in rage or depression is a dream of leaving behind my family and my country and settling in Netherlands.”

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