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For 19 years as a refugee in Egypt, Abdalla Hassan’s Life is threatened daily with Islamic extremists Attacks.

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Mr. Hassan, a 31 year old Somali citizen has been a refugee in Egypt since 1993. Like Abdalla, millions of such cases are ignored by the human rights organizations, Arab media and authorities unfortunately sometimes even UNHCR. Victims and advocates of the cases are under the inevitable death threats. Abdalla decided to speak out over social media against the extremism that ravage the Muslim societies ,the Islamic honor crimes against women, terrorism etc. This activism was brutally responded by extremists groups in Islam. He was attacked by the extremists in his residential neighborhood in Egypt which followed with constant death threats.

The government failed to provide assistance nor issued any deterrence to stop other future attacks. Sharia law is embedded in their constitution. This law prescribes death sentences to those who commit blasphemy and go contrary to the beliefs of Islam. It violates the fundamental human rights and imprison logic and the growth of reason. Mr. Hassan requires great attention and support from all able organizations out there. His life remains in danger any second he stays in Egypt. People should be free to exercise their rights and freedoms.

International communities should provide assistance and carry out a campaign to save the lives of Mr. Hassan and others who face similar situations. Many are suffering from the oppression from Islam and its teaching which violates human rights. It has become a daily horror show in Muslim communities. Mr. Hassan, an Egyptian refugee, could be the next victim.

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