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Fear and hope as Mumino’s Family Waits to Escape Somalia to Safe Haven

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Mumino had been living quietly as a Muslim for much of his life. It wasn’t until he converted to Christianity in 2006 that his fellow countrymen noticed his change and began to attack him. As he fled from place to place, he found he wasn’t safe – his beliefs led to more attacks and arrests without charge, no matter where he went. Then he became an atheist. 

In 2017 authorities took his wife and daughter. He found himself continually outed – no matter where he fled – and at times literally running for his life. Arrested, tortured by police, and repeatedly attacked by mobs, Mumino spends every night fearing what will come in the morning, and longing to be free to live his life without constant fear. 

As a man with UNHCR status, Mumino needs extrication from his country. We have a plan to help get him with his wife and her 5-year-old daughter to a safer place, but we can’t do it without the help of our donors. Please consider contributing to his cause.

How SUN is helping Mumino and his family

We are making a plan to help Mumino and his family travel abroad, get a permit to stay, find a job and start building up a new life. For this we work together with partners in the region, and we support them with living costs, passports, vaccinations, travelcosts and tickets. Expenses: $ 500 per month + $ 1900 relocation.

Their lives are a terrifying blend of boredom and fear.

February 2021 – Mumino and his family hide every day in a small, unfurnished, one-room apartment fearing for their lives. And the only thing worse than the days are the nights.

Mumino (not his real name to ensure his safety), his pregnant wife and her 5-year-old daughter from another relationship, hide away in this African nation of his birth because of his atheism in a land known for blasphemy laws and violence against “heretics.” He recently shared with SUN his fears and hopes for a brighter future.

Arrested, tortured by police, and repeatedly attacked by mobs, Mumino spends every night fearing what will come in the morning. His wife and her daughter have been beaten with electrical wires when men came looking for Mumino and found his family instead. Mumino longs to be free to live his life without constant fear and get work as a cabinet maker.

Mumino rarely leaves the house unless it is for an urgent matter. He will use the toilet facilities outside during the day. But never at night

The apartment is one room with no furniture. Blankets and pillows cover the floor. A large plastic sheet on the floor serves as their make-shift dining area. Men came to his house a few times, firing guns.

“I hope one day I will wake up and sleep without fear,” said Mumino. “We normally wake up at 7am, then eat our breakfast.” he explained. “I planted tomato, maize and beans inside the house.

Normally his wife goes to the market to buy their food. He ventures out only if pressed.

“Yes, like when applying for passports – and there is a time my wife was bleeding – thanks to SUN they saved my wife (she is pregnant),” recounted Mumino. He spends his time reading articles and watching shows with his wife. “We watch one or two movies together. I also save articles to read,” said Mumino, who learned English pretty well from watching movies with subtitles. He struggles with the stress and the ennui. “Some times it gets really boring,” he said. “I am always indoors trying to hide myself from the enemies.”

SUN with your help has assisted Mumino with passports, vaccination certificates and getting medication for his family. But they urgently need to move to a safe country on the African continent where their lives are not threatened because of Mumino’s secular beliefs.

COVID, Baby, Death Threats and Medical Bills create chaos

Update May 2021 – Mumimo thought his anxiety-filled life hiding his family from death threats was hard enough. He didn’t count on COVID-19 putting his wife in hospital followed by the premature birth of his daughter.

“It was really a life challenge I can say,” explained Mumimo. “When you are sick and everyone in the family is sick and hiding from enemies and financially broke is a challenge.”

As we’ve previously reported, SUN has been working with Mumimo and his wife and her five-year-old daughter to get them to a safe country where Mumimo’s atheist views are tolerated. For now they hide out in the African nation of his birth because his atheism in a land known for blasphemy laws and violence against “heretics” is inherently dangerous. Police have arrested and tortured Mumimo and mobs have repeatedly attacked him. Men once beat his wife and her daughter with electrical wires when they came looking for Mumino and found his family instead.

Mumimo and his family hide in a one-room apartment and only venture out at night. They are working with SUN and our sponsors to get to a safe haven. But even this dangerous life became more chaotic when Mumimo and his pregnant wife contracted COVID. His symptoms were minor but she was seriously ill and needed to be hospitalized.

COVID caused their daughter to be born prematurely at seven and a half months. Mumimo says the baby is in an incubator and doing well despite being so tiny. And his wife has recovered too.

“What we are going through can not be explained but can be felt,” Mumimo told SUN. “It really affected us mentally and physically and financially. We still feel the fatigue.”

Mumimo’s wife and newborn daughter remain in hospital. And that has created a massive financial burden. Mumimo said the incubator and his wife’s treatment cost money he doesn’t have. “There is no free medicine or doctors when it comes to COVID or chronic diseases,” he said.

SUN has helped with some costs, as did a man at the hospital whose child died and he gave Mumimo money for his medical fees.

We still need your help to pay medical bills and help secure transit to a tolerant country on the African continent. Only then can Mumimo’s family be safe. In the meantime, Mumimo must risk his life just to go to the hospital to see his new daughter and his wife.

“I move when it is dark and, when I have money, I book a taxi. Luckily because of corona virus everyone must wear a face mask so it helps me cover half of my face,” Mumimo explained.

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