Examples of Taliban crimes against women in the last two months:

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The misbehavior and crimes of the Taliban against women have increased sharply in the last few months. This Islamist terrorist group has subjected women and girls to violence in the different regions of Afghanistan. Among these women are those who have been arrested for protesting the regime since the fall of Kabul. A number of them have been killed by the Taliban.

In the last few days, several videos from different provinces show their crimes reached their peak. And these are just some of them. In these videos, the girls talk about sexual assault, torture and forced marriages by the Taliban. This is the height of the horror and inhumane acts of these criminals. Unfortunately, the United Nations and human rights organizations have not reacted seriously against these crimes.

Also, in recent days, we have witnessed the crimes, rape and disrespect from this anti-humanity group in Faryab province. These have been broadcasted in the media, and it shows that this group has committed gang rapes against married women and young girls.
Hearing such daily news in this country hurts the heart of every person. The tragedies that happen to the women and girls of our country every day and how they are struggling with such misery and oppression are very difficult to express.

This news shows some examples of this extreme group. Women and girls in provinces are severely tortured and harassed by this group, but stay quiet because they might lose their lives. They live in pain, oppression and torture.

Our request to all the countries of the world is to raise their voices for the human freedoms and basic rights of Afghan women and girls. We ask them not to recognize the corrupt, terrorist and criminal regime of the Taliban. We ask to work together with Afghan women to achieve their rights. Their first priority is the right to education, right to work and freedom of expression.

“Midwifery Students in Afghanistan” by United Nations Photo is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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