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EU COUNTRIES agree to take in 40,000 Afghan Refugees

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Ever since the Taliban assumed administrative control of Afghanistan, the region has experienced a large number of Afghan natives fleeing for asylum in other countries: To flee from the injustices and the infringement of human rights and abuse of individual freedoms that the Taliban seeks to impose on Afghan citizens that were unlucky to procure themselves asylum before the takeover.

It has been four months now since the takeover. Various humanitarian agencies have been calling for support from people who remained trapped in the region. The European Union will absorb 40,000 Afghans into 15 members states over the period of 5 years. “ Allowing more Afghans to migrate in a controlled way would help prevent ‘irregular arrivals’ , the European Commissioner Ylva Johansson stated after meeting interior ministers of those countries.

Germany will accept a bulk of new arrivals, 25,000, with the Netherlands accepting 3,159, Spain and France 2,500 each, and other countries in lower numbers, according to a document seen by the AFP news agency. In this article, we will show you how to apply for asylum and refugee status in the above-mentioned countries.

The Secular Underground Network is collecting information on how to apply for one of these opportunities to get safe, especially for Afghan atheists, freethinkers and LGBTQ’s. If you want to be informed about our findings, please register at our website.

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