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Difficult times for Afghan Girls.

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It’s very disheartening that we have no hope for tomorrow. We live in a country where rights of women have always been violated. We want every girl and every woman to achieve their dreams and make their family proud. Women who are the breadwinners’ of their home must work outside the home.

Today I met a friend from my school, With a sad face and a heart full of pain. I could see the sadness on her face. Then I asked a few words about how her life is going with the current situation in the country.

She answered my mother is very sick and the the weather is so cold. I’m looking for a Job and I’m the only breadwinner in my family. I was good before the Taliban came, Because I was cleaning the rich people houses. Now even though the Taliban came, I don’t work and there is no work for girls. I can’t support my family and after all these bitter stories, I asked her if she had father or a brother.

In response, she said ,with great misery and heartache that I lost my father in the wars when I was child and I don’t have a brother I have an older sister who takes care of my mother and I work like a man outside the house. She later said that she could not pay her rent, and  lived in a house that is like underground a place full of darkness and cold. I had many dreams. I wanted to continue my studies whenever I saw other girls going to university. It’s painful that at this age I couldn’t go to university and continue my education. I feel like the most miserable girl in the world.

At a time when she was telling  me the troubles in her life. Tears flowed from her eyes and her throat closed with hatred. When I saw the girl in this despair, I lost myself and tears flowed from my eyes about how a girl can bear all this pain alone,

Similarly, thousands of Afghan teenage girls can’t continue their education.

The thoughts of the Taliban have not changed on girls studying and women working outside.

Please do not sacrifice girls for your policies.

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