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Different thoughts for women in Afghanistan

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Deceived by the devil 


Maybe an angel from the generation of fire

Which showed my honesty and simplicity and deceived me. 

I was fatima  I was the queen of tomorrow. 

Sometimes they put heaven under  my feet and sometimes imperfect intellect. 

Sometimes addressed me half the men, sometimes they stoned me. 

Sometimes they swore by my name and cried next to my picture and sometimes they imprisoned me, sometimes they fought for my freedom, and sometimes they sacrificed my pride. 

And sometimes they made me a toy of their desires…

I’m the mother of the human race. 

I’m Eve, I’m Mariam, I’m khadija, I’m Anne Frank, 

And you’re a man, learn that I’m stronger than you’re arms. 

They captured her, she waited 

They broke her wings, she waited 

They took her heart but  she could not stand it anymore because her heart is full of love, emotion, feeling, beauty, elegance, tenderness, purity and life. 

By taking her heart, they made her a moving corpse so that lust would no longer fly 

But they never gave up of breaking her wings and capturing her hearts.

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