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Christmas and Non-believers.

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Christmas and Non-believers

Christmas hasn’t been a good holiday for many Christians and even for nonbelievers. There have been many bad things happening and unfortunately most of them are related to Islam. Some of the reported instances on this festive occasion include:

Muhammad Salah who is a Muslim soccer player in UK, have been the target of harassment for celebrating Christmas with his family members. As Ex-Muslims we are supporting what Mr. Salah is doing. We support his happiness and freedom of belief. Although his actions may have invoked criticisms from the some in the Muslim religious sect.

This Canadian imam is clearly radicalizing Muslims and spreading hate against non-Muslims.
We he should be brought to order in the speech he made. His comments risk inciting hatred and distortion of peace.

A Persian tweet about it:

In Congo the things are getting bloody, 6 people have been reportedly killed in a jihad massacre.

For us nonbelievers, we celebrate Christmas as a way to be close to family members and have a good reason to be happy for entering a new season.
Christmas could be celebrated everywhere in this world as a way to improve and advocate for religious harmony, tolerance and more importantly religious freedom.

As a peaceful human rights’ advocate I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and for all Christians in persecuted countries where they cannot easily celebrate it and show their happiness. I hope everyday would be a reason for us to be happy.

Merry Christmas with hope of peace❤️❤️🌹🌹🕊🕊

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