Help me before I get killed

3 mn read After the fall of Afghanistan, the Taliban announced a general amnesty in the media, but the reality is that the Taliban arrest, torture and kill dozens of their political and religious opponents every day. Facts like these are not published because they control the media internally.Those who have gone into hiding, the Taliban visit their […]

Al-Azhar vs reformations

< 1 mn read Submission is the moral code of the family. Submission is the moral code of Islamism! Remember the Submission part I written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and produced by Theo Van Gogh!!!. Al Azhar claimed a Fatwa back then to assassinate the director. Egyptian Muslims were mad and went crazy when Charli Hebdoo launched the “Prophet […]

The Silence of the Iraqi Media on Atrocities of the Islamic Honor Culture in Iraq.

2 mn read The negligence of the Iraqi media The Iraqi media has expressed sincere negligence on issues pertinence to the wellbeing of women under the Islamic rule. The media has been conscious about the local disturbances within the Iraqi region but have failed to reciprocate similar consciousness to the agony of women in this region. Women who […]

Pakistan does try to protect minority rights, but attempts always seem to get thwarted by the religious establishment

3 mn read Hindu sisters Reena and Raveena likely never intended to be at the center of a national debate. But in March of 2019, events around their marriages and conversion to Islam sparked an uproar that only proved their country, Pakistan’s, inability or unwillingness to protect religious minorities. Their marriages raised troubling questions. Were they forced into […]

Roots of Our Choices

2 mn read Influence of Primeval Traditions. Growing up to the blossom of the beguiling surroundings, our cultures taught us that nature had its way of appealing to our senses and needs which confer its astonishing beauty. Our elementary school science teachers however showed us a different spectrum to decipher the phenomena of nature. Nevertheless, we are even […]

Celine feels trapped in a deteriorating Libya, a country where militias rule and free thought is crushed

2 mn read Math teacher Celine’s story of awakening is one of the oldest. She had been told throughout her life that her Islamic religion had all the answers about where we come from. “According to a religious perspective, Adam and Eve and the rest of the myth,” she told the Secular Underground Network. Case: Celine and her […]