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Become a Secular Rebel or a Sponsor

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Many of our clients are secluded from society, family or friends. If their life is in danger, they can not go out and work for a living. Until we can help them reach a safe place, they need support for food, rent and medicin. This community can offer the some moral support, information, suggestions, and sometimes more specialized help (trauma therapy). Besides that we are constantly searching for funding to pay for living costs of a few families, or help people to start a small business or going to study. For our current cases we need about $ 2000 per month to support them with their basic needs and rescue plan. If you read a story that touched you, you can support them financially as a sponsor. You can become a sponsor for a specific case, or a secular rebel if you want to support our cases in general with a monthly donation. 100% of your donations go to the people that need it.


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