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SUN opens it platform for bloggers, journalists, cartoonists, poets and other creatives

The SUN community thrives thanks to the contributions of our members. Since we opened our platform 6 months ago, many like-minded people have found their way to the website. Nearly 500 people are now an active part of the community website and more than 2000 people receive a newsletter periodically. And our writers collective has posted more than 100 contributions.

And to offer more people a platform and reach a larger audience, SUN is opening its doors wide. We have the ambition that the SUN website becomes a reflection of the great variety of ideas, worlds, experiences and knowledge that our members have within them. Only one criterion is important here: respect for dissenters and room for diversity.

Some of our supporters live in difficult circumstances, as an atheist or free-thinking believer in an orthodox religious environment, as an LGBTQI+ in a family or under a regime that does not accept this. We notice that they are eager to share their story. Others have found a way out of this plight and their experiences and knowledge can be of use to others. In addition, we want to give space to opinion pieces, news articles, art, and to people who have been victimized because of their beliefs, and whom we must never forget.

We invite everyone who has a story to tell or wants to publish a contribution on our platform. Send an email to with a short introduction of yourself, your username on our platform and the topics you want to publish about. You will then receive an instruction from us on how to make your contribution and your first publication can be online within a week.

Every day of the week we focus on a different theme. So we have:

  • #InMemoriamMonday – where we pay attention to people who have been victimized because they held different ideas than their government or immediate environment;
  • #ToonesOnTuesday – when freethinkers get the stage for humorous comics
  • #WorkingWednesday – with stories about projects and work related topics. Many members who have been ostracized from their community struggle to generate income. We pay attention to projects, (online) vacancies, knowledge and ideas to support them.
  • #ThankfulThursday – a day to share good news that can inspire and give people hope
  • #FactsOnFriday – featuring critical articles exposing baseless ideas within religions, politics or society
  • #SaveUsSaturday – where personal stories from members of our community are highlighted who need help to live in freedom
  • #SecularSunday – is like a Sunday newspaper where we share secular news items from other sources.

If you would like to contribute to one of these themes or have any other creative, valuable ideas, please email The website has room for stories in different languages. As a translator, you can also help by making articles accessible to a wider audience.

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