Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of Iran calls homosexuality “western deprivation”

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Ali Khamenei who knows himself as the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the leader of the Islamic world spreads hate and homophobia in Iran as a normal Islamic preacher and leader. We all know how Islam views homosexuals and homosexuality. In Iran, the government does its best not to allow homosexuality to be normalized meanwhile tries to encourage people to act violently toward members of LGBT community. The Murder of Alireza Fazeli was a horrible example of what I am talking about.
Ali Khamenei speaks a lot and he may not stay on one particular topic in his speeches without any doubt he is the main reason for hatred toward western values, the spread of terrorism in the middle east and in this particular topic, homophobia, obligatory hijab, inhumane crimes against women and misogynistic laws.

This leader like many other Islamic leaders has done his best to isolate Iran as a country from the world and to decrease the level of Iranian reputation in the world. He has continued the Khomeini saying and his vow to the destruction of Israel. He has baselessly accused Israel of hateful crimes against humanity while he executes masses of people in Iran each year. He knows Saudi Arabia and house of Saud as enemies of Islam and his regime. And each year’s execution rate shows how this Islamic method of fear and death has failed and has always been doomed to failure. I can’t understand how death is going to change that criminal into a better human when we can’t even call him/her a criminal in many Islamic criminal cases. A good source is mentioned below:

“The Islamic Republic has long been, and remains, a leading executioner. Despite sustained international pressure, in 2021, the rate of executions increased 26 per cent from the previous year. According to the US-based Human Rights Activists in Iran, 299 individuals were executed that year. Of the 299 documented executions, drug-related offences continued to account for a high percentage of total numbers, reaching 40 per cent overall. Between April and July 2021, nearly half (48 per cent) of a staggering eighty-two executions were for drug-related offences. In August 2021, in a particularly egregious move, two juvenile offenders were executed for drug-related offences. The list goes on………”

His sayings on homosexuality and western values:
Second source-WION:

No humanity can be seen in this leader and by all means he and the previous leader has committed genocide in iran since the revolution in 1979. Ali Khamenei is the shia face of Abu-Bakr Al-baghdadi. If he calls homosexuality, “western deprivation”, I would like to call islam, “a disgrace to humanity”
Source (pdf): › pdfPDF IRAN /death penalty – FIDH

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