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Adopt a refugee for $5 per month

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Ever since I’ve been involved in helping freethinkers and those on the run for their convictions, I’ve noticed one thing in particular. They have to survive all by themselves in a world that is often very hostile towards them. Loneliness, depression, trauma and poverty go hand in hand. Millions of people around the world are fleeing war, hunger or persecution. We all have seen the images of columns of people, packed with bags, mattresses, household goods, and children on their arms. Families who have lost everything but are looking for a safe haven together. That’s all they have left: each other.

Many of the people SUN supports are in a similar condition, or worse. They have lost their jobs and had to leave home and hearth. And on top of that, they have been rejected by their parents, family, friends, and their social environment. In countries where there is no social security, they also lose their safety net and their lives are directly endangered by falling into poverty.

In our adoption program we connect sponsors to individual clients. For many of the individuals we helped to escape persecution, a long journey starts to get asylum or a resident permit. Not all the countries they flee to, give support to asylum seekers. In the meantime they face obstacles getting paid work and becoming self-supporting. Forming support groups around them to follow help them with some basic income and some moral support they get a fair chance to build up a new life. For as much as 5 USD or EURO per month you can support a client and connect to him or her personally to get regular updates.

SUN regularly launches crowdfunding campaigns to help people in emergency situations. But this group needs something different. They need our help for a period of time to survive. With emergency aid we can offer them a safe haven, but after that they need time to build a new life. Usually they can get by on a few hundred dollars a month, but without outside help, it will never come to that. They end up on the street because they can’t pay the rent, they get sick due to a lack of medication or medical care.

For each client we are looking for 30 to 50 sponsors who are willing to contribute $5 or $10 monthly in their living expenses.

Refugees that could use your support

Ilham is a 22 year old atheist, who has fled Afghanistan before the Taliban took power. He lives in Turkey on a student visa, pending a P2 visa to the USA. Of the $ 350 USD he needs monthly, we get 120 sponsored. Read his story, share his story, and if you are willing to support him donate here

Dolly who fled Egypt after her girlfriend was beaten to death by family and her own family threatened to marry her off. She has no money for a mattress, so she sleeps on the floor. She occasionally has a small job, but until she has a residence permit in Georgia, her existence remains uncertain. She now receives $60 per month through her sponsors. Her monthly living expenses are around $500, In month that she has no income, she would need but needs $300 to $500 to make ends meet.

Shadhin wants to leave Bangladesh as soon as possible. Jihadis are threatening him by phone and social media. He is moving from place to place to keep safe. SUN is helping him to get to India. Any delay in getting help to Shadhin can make a difference in life and death. But he needs money to survive there for some time, until he finds a job and becomes self-supporting. Please help Shadhin in this situation.

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