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A short review of the gay-themed movie “kissable lips”

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A 500-year-old Vampire (Jun Ho), who has broken a taboo by killing his boyfriend and lover, is going to die. But there is a solution for what is going to happen to him. He has to find a pureblood human who falls in love with him so that he can drink his blood and turn into a human from being a vampire.

Within the school he is attending, he suddenly finds the person he has been looking for. An innocent-looking guy (Min Hyun) trips and gets a little hurt. As soon as the vampire smells his blood, he understands that he has found the correct person.

While our Jun Ho is experiencing the near-death symptoms, his lady friend, also a vampire, tries to help him and asks a new vampire to look after Min Hyun. While the new character tries to kill Min Hyun at the rooftop of the school, Jun Ho killed the vampire.

Although Jun Ho is about to die and Min Hyun is fully in love with him, Jun Ho doesn’t accept Min Hyun’s request to drink his blood and survive cause Jun Ho is afraid to kill his lover. When Jun Ho is about to die, he flees to the rooftop of the school and as soon as Min Hyun finds him, he dies in his bosom.
My idea regarding this movie: the movie has a sad ending, but is a really romantic gay movie. The actors are really handsome and build the chemistry needed during the 80 mins of the movie. Although Vampires are not real, but imagining yourself in their shoes and having a neverending life is pretty boring and tiring. When your lover is a human and he/she will die one day, moving on can be really hard.
What really got into me was the amount of love Jun Ho had for Min Hyunl He sacrificed himself for his lover because he was worried same incident would happen to him.
At the last moment while Jun Ho was dying he told his lover that he wished he could have one more day with him. That was really emotional and romantic. It really teaches us how to be grateful for the love and nice time we have with our lovers.
A short review of the gay-themed movie “kissable lips”

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