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  • What has happened in 2021:

I am a well-established Muslim apologist, who was defeated in debates with Secularists and Christians in the UK. I prepared to debate with Secularists and Christians for around 20 years, I planned very well and vowed to win the debates and expose the results to the world by the end of 2021. The promise was not fulfilled because I was thoroughly defeated in all debates and I admitted that, ironically nearly just before the end of 2021! And I applied all my plans on myself, disseminated the results of the debates, perfectly documented and exposed the case.

Since I wanted to be a “hero” of Islam (a famous apologists) who will step in and show that things have changed and tables are turned with Secularists and Christians, but the opposite happened, there was a consensus that this should not go unnoticed or presented as a normal convert of someone who did his research neutrally and discovered the truth. But rather, an enemy who did his best but was defeated. That is, a defeated Muslim apologist who then became supporter to secularism.

So, in the same way Muslim scholars present newly Muslim converts on stage as a proof of their apologetic approach, Secularists and Ex-Muslim societies and even Christians had every reason to present my case as a strong counter example. In fact, given my background and aims, it was very fair to do that. In addition, the case is objective and the results are complete because the defeat was admitted. For this reason the case was presented with emphasis on defeat and without courtesy which is fully understandable and encouraged, because in debates there are winners and losers and we want to present Secularists as winners — a well-deserved achievement for them.

  • How SUN helped:

The Secular, Ex-Muslim and Christian communities concerted efforts to maximise the exposure of this case study to be a lesson for free thinker in the Muslim world. Many SUN members thankfully helped in achieving this decisive victory and in exposing it. They made the case/story concrete by publishing and sharing it on their website and on their social media platforms.

  • Hopes for 2022:

Having one of the Muslim apologists out of the game by the end of 2021 is a great achievement and a nice Christmas gift, but that’s just the beginning. All my background will now be used to demolish what I defended in the past. The Internet has made atheistic/apostasy and scientific material widely available. YouTube, Google, Reddit, Wiki and Internet in general, are striking upon the Islamic doctrine in a way never seen before. Islam is in its worst period since its inception. An incident like debate results could have gone unnoticed by the world, because news traveled slowly in the past. But not any more! Defeated apologists cannot escape their fate of being exposed. More articles to follow and I hope free thinkers in the Muslim world will learn from my case.

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  1. Can you share somewhere what were the things that started making you doubt and what made you gradually change your mind? Maybe also what made you admit openly that you could be wrong?b I’d like to understand your process better. It could reveal valuable information to help others.

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