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  • A rise in rate of executions in iran
    A rise in rate of executions in iran

    2 mn read Where Islam comes, humanity goes. When Islam comes, pain, cruetly and death comes. Islam can’t and won’t accept human rights.   The Islamic regime in Iran has committed a mass genocide since the 1973 revolution. More and more people have been reportedly executed for many many reasons. It is easy to be killed in an Islamic society. Just do what Muslims don’t like and you will be killed soon. I have always said execution brings nothing but more harm to society. Watching a human breathe his/her last breath is one of the most painful things in the world. As a

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  • Bloody pen
    Bloody pen

    < 1 mn read My pen is filled with bloodWhen I put it on the paperPaper just criesCries out of painPains that are hidden in silenceBuried underground with the deadBruises of silenced peopleWounds of human rights’ defenders Post Views: 32 Related posts: Smiley faces How video games help the LGBTQ live the life often denied to them A response to the unnamed Muslims on the BBC show Free Speech #InMemoriamMonday, The story of Alireza Monfared

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  • A review of gay-themed movie “Where your eyes linger”
    A review of gay-themed movie “Where your eyes linger”

    2 mn read Han Tae-Joo’s father was a powerful, rich and strict person. Due to his fame and wealth, his father asks Tae-Joo’s childhood friend Kang Gook to be his bodyguard. Kang Gook is a well-trained man and he works out in Judo with Tae-Joo. Tae-Joo was a good-looking boy at school so he could gain the attention of girls easily. This creates problems with other boys.   Since these two childhood friends used to go to a special restaurant, they met a girl named Hye Mi and the girl showed interest in Kang Gook. She tried to get his phone number and

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Our Mission

The Secular Underground Network connects freethinkers, humanists, atheists and liberal minds from all over the world. We offer every freethinker a platform as an open channel to ventilate opinions, news and ideas.

Some of our community members are excluded, harassed, molested or threatened for their (dis)beliefs. As a global support network we help them with information, connections, practical support and if necessary funding.

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How SUN saves lives

The Secular Underground Network connects freethinkers, humanists, atheists and everyone that believes in freedom of thought. Some of our members experience exclusion from their family and friends, some get threats or are imprisoned for what they believe. Besides sharing stories and news, we intend to support these people financially. Currently we are helping:

  • a Pakistan family where the father is imprisoned for blasphemy
  • several Afghan atheists who are living in the shade to prevent being persecuted by the Taliban
  • a Somali family that was able to flee the country but needs to build up a life
  • an Indonesian couple that is expelled from the family and jobs because they left religion.
  • a young, black, gay man in Yemen, that suffers from medical issues, harassment and discrimination.

With more regular donors we can help more people to survive and build up a future in freedom.