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  • Pakistan’s war on ex-Muslims-Harris Sultan
    Pakistan’s war on ex-Muslims-Harris Sultan

    < 1 mn read Harris Sultan is a pakistani exmuslim atheist who has been an activist for several years with several different YouTube channels. He has also written and published a book called “curse of God, why I left islam” and his book can be found in both English and Urdu. But currently his channel has gotten banned in Pakistan and people won’t be able to see his channel without using vpn. In order to support him, I will report this incident so that he will be seen.   This is his Urdu channel and first urdu channel that started talking about atheism-Pakistani mulhid.


  • A review on “God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins
    A review on “God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins

    2 mn read In the introductory sections, the author collects the sections, sayings, and arguments of the religious sages and responds to them with particular delicacy. In an interesting section of Dawkins’s book, he seeks to trace religion back, which is very instructive.   An interesting review is posted on Goodreads: “In this book, Richard Dawkins carefully examines God in all its forms. From the tyrannical ruler of the Old Testament with his sexual obsession to its safer (albeit different) form, the divine watchmaking that some intellectual thinkers had. His power is central to religions and shows the severity of the improbability of


  • Raif Badawi freed from prison after 10 years!!!!!🥳🥳
    Raif Badawi freed from prison after 10 years!!!!!🥳🥳

    < 1 mn read Raif Badawi, a secular activist from Saudi Arabia was arrested in 2012 after being charged with blaspheming against Islam. He supported liberalism, human rights and women’s rights. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison plus 1000 lashes. After being charged with apostasy, he said that he is still a Muslim. The government, couldn’t perform 1000 lashes due to his health issues and international anger while his family fled Saudi for Canada.   We are all celebrating his freedom. But this is a joke because he is under full control. Same thing happened to Soheil Arabi when he got arrested


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The Secular Underground Network connects freethinkers, humanists, atheists and liberal minds from all over the world. We offer every freethinker a platform as an open channel to ventilate opinions, news and ideas.

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The Secular Underground Network connects freethinkers, humanists, atheists and everyone that believes in freedom of thought. Some of our members experience exclusion from their family and friends, some get threats or are imprisoned for what they believe. Besides sharing stories and news, we intend to support these people financially. Currently we are helping:

  • a Pakistan family where the father is imprisoned for blasphemy
  • several Afghan atheists who are living in the shade to prevent being persecuted by the Taliban
  • a Somali family that was able to flee the country but needs to build up a life
  • an Indonesian couple that is expelled from the family and jobs because they left religion.
  • a young, black, gay man in Yemen, that suffers from medical issues, harassment and discrimination.

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